Internet Of Things

What We do?

IoT in Retail

  • Increase share of wallet (Behaviour analysis, consumer insights, targeted marketing &layout optimization).
  • Grow Product Categories (Shelf space optimization, predicting demand, demand alignment across stores, Product density).
  • Minimize Loss of Sales (Queue Abandonment, Optimize Staff, Warehouse to shelf TAT, Merchandize Interactions).
  • Store Dimensions (Engagement Heatmaps, Flow behaviour, Customer Identification, Visit Value ratio).

IoT in Trade Events

  • Visitors (Way finding, Usage & Engagement, Networking, Smart Agenda)
  • Exhibitors (Heatmaps, Dwell Times, Visitor Profiles, Request to meet)
  • Organizer (Quantify Success, Point of relevance, Sweep Rate Index, Success Score)
  • Event ( Top Exhibits, Trending, Pro-active actions, Staff Management, Exhibits ROI Index)

IoT in Travel

  • Visitors (Way finding, Usage & Engagement, Networking, Proximity Marketing)
  • Administrator (Emergency Evacuations, Passenger Analytics, Velocity Mapping, Staff Management)

Our Offerings


BLE 4.0/4.2 Beacons With Accelerometer

(Used for geo-fencing the facility 1 beacons/12 SqMtr)

BLE 4.0/4.2 TracKard

(Movable Asset Tracking Wireless Card)

IoT Gateway 3.2

(Used to collect data from IoT Devices with range of 50 mtrs LoS)


Layout Designer
(Design your facility layout and manage beacons placements)

BigData Cloud
(Collect your IoT data over the ready to use scalable IoT data cloud)

(Analyze the data collected and take action)

Mobility Solutions
(Custom mobility solution for Consumers, Staff & Organisers)


  • Business process aligned IoT mapping
  • Implementation Feasibility
  • Deployment Plan & Monitoring

How BLE Beacons works & How it can help your business?

How it can help your business?
  • Helps quantify the quality.
  • Provides experience to your customers through ease of navigation and contextual communications.
  • Enables deep insights for smart actions.
  • Resources and assets can be tracked for efficiency.
  • Reduce response time to unpredicted events.