VR Player Remote App

An Advanced Method for Demonstrating VR Applications

Using Google Cardboard for displaying 360° videos to clients/prospective clients can become complicated as you have to first educate them regarding the VR interface so that they can get used to it. In stores, there are many VR players which are available for viewing 360° videos using Google Cardboard. However, using such VR players can become cumbersome when you need to change the video as you will have to first take the device out of the Google Cardboard VR headset, choose the next video that you want to view, and then plug in the mobile again for viewing the video. Not as simple as you would like it, right?

Well, with VRonCloud’s newly developed Remote Control App, you can do away with all that and use a remote application for controlling what is being played by your VR player. Both the remote app and the player app feature compatibility with any Android phone with Bluetooth. It really is that simple!

How does it work?

  • In one device install the ‘Virtual Reality 360° Player’ App, and in another mobile device install the ‘Virtual Reality 360° Player – Remote’ App.
  • Connect the two devices via Bluetooth.
  • Copy the 360° videos that you want to view into a predefined folder titled ‘360videoplayer’.
  • The data will be fetched from this folder by the remote app and the videos will be displayed in a list.
  • Click on the video that you want to play, and the command will be received by the Player App which will immediately play the selected video.

Download the two apps right now for experiencing the world’s first Virtual Reality 360° Player – Remote App.