Using VRC Gallery you can now show 360 Degree Images & Videos on your Joomla Website.

Some of the Salient Features are:

  • Horizontal view: Allows only horizontal camera control. [Example: true]
  • Camera FOV: Camera field of view in degree. [Example: 60]
  • Reverse Dragging: Reverses orbit control direction. [Example: true]
  • Passive Rendering: Renders only when control triggered by user input. [Example: true]
  • Autorotate: This parameter is used to enable automatic rotation of image and video. [Example: true].
  • Autoswitcher: This parameter is used to enable automatic switching of images/videos after specific time interval, if the module is not being used by user for specific time interval, then auto-switch the images/videos. [Example: true]
  • Time: Enter time to auto-switch image and video. [Example: 30]

Wondering How it works? Here are the steps on how to upload 360 Content:

Install the module in Joomla backend and then follow the below steps:

  • Create sub folder under “images” folder at the Joomla root folder. (Check the Notes below)
  • Upload 360 images/videos into that folder using FTP.
  • Select that specific folder from the “Select Folder” dropdown of the module in the backend.
  • Configure other parameter as per your requirement.
  • Set module position, select page on which you want to display module for front end view.
  • Click on save button.
  • Module will display images/videos of selected folder to selected position at frontend.

Note: If you have sub-folder which has only 360 Images/Videos under “images” folder at the Joomla root folder, then you can select that folder from the “Select Folder” option of the module at backend, otherwise you can upload 360 images and videos in default folder of the module, which is “modules/mod_vrc_360/assets/images_videos”.