Quality Policy

Commitment to Quality is at the core of Tailored Solutions culture and serves as our primary approach to client management. Quality standards are maintained at every stage of development to deliver solutions that stand apart on global platforms.

Here at our company each employee is responsible for the quality of work, resulting in continually improving working environment for all. The policy is explained and provided by the designated trainer to each employee.

Our management team retains responsibility with routine operation for the Quality System by the Quality Assurance Administrator to achieve and maintain the required level of assurance.

The Quality Assurance Administrator has the full responsibility and authority for maintenance and implementation of this quality program.

We create an environment where each professional contributes to all aspects of our business processes. We strive for continuous improvement to meet with 100% customer satisfaction.

Our quality metrics include:

  • Personal commitment to client needs
  • Continuous improvement
  • Updating services with latest web technologies
  • Conducting internal quality audits
  • Delivering defect free solutions
  • Timely delivery of solutions
  • Solutions at most competitive cost